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Yeats, born in 1865 outside Dublin, is probably the most critically acclaimed English writer to date. His early works were about the Irish lands. He believed that the times before the political battles were engaged Ireland was great and peaceful. At the time, Ireland was poor, in fact Yeats himself was pauper. Most of the Irish people emigrated from Ireland. There are more Irish people in America than there are in Ireland! His later works were on Maud Gonne as well as some Irish poems. Yeats was practically obsessed with Maud. Maud eventually got “married” to Maud. Yeats got spiritually married to Maud, that meant they didn't have sex. In fact Maud admitted that she wasn't attracted to Yeats. Yeats's poetry was about his life. If Maud were to marry him, then Yeats would have written the poetry he did. Maud said, "the world will thank me for not marrying you" and she was right. Because of his brilliance Yeats won the noble prize Here are the names of hispoems.

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